He knows, he just doesn’t care

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He knows, he just doesn’t care

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  1. Having endured the test multiple times myself due to being a nurse, I cannot imagine him tolerating that swab even once, let alone every single day. It’s too invasive and uncomfortable for his delicate nature.

  2. I don’t believe that he is tested every day. This is evident in the fact that he tells us he is being tested everyday. I believe he has everyone around him tested x3 a day.

  3. Does that mean that Trump is getting his brain poked by having someone forcibly ram a swab up there every single day? Because that I can get behind.

  4. Think he and Putin test every week and avoid human contact as much as possible, but both preach something else for the average person.
    They don’t give a shit about you.

  5. To be fair he is the obese, unhealthy and elderly demographic that is likely to be more severely effected by the virus.

    Oddly enough his voter base non stop rant about how its ok if all those old people die, the flu would have killed them anyway.

  6. Trump is not even capable of caring about other people. He is a narcissist and a psychopath. Everyone around him are just tools for him to use. The only thing saving America is that Trump is an idiot, making his intentions obvious.

    Edit: clarified what i meant by saving because let’s face it America and it’s democracy is hanging by a thread at the moment.

  7. The Trump administration knows the only way Trump is going to get another four years is if “the economy” (by that I mean the system put in place where the wealthy get richer and the working class stagnates so they don’t notice they’re getting poorer due to inflation) held up until the election. That’s why they wanted to open things back up too early, that’s why they want to slow down testing, that’s why they keep telling people masks don’t work and grandma is just going to have to die.

    But it’s a bigger problem than that. The whole GOP doesn’t give a shit about the working class. In fact, they’ve shown outright contempt for the vast majority of Americans over the last decade, and their inaction on this crisis and their defense of a president that has betrayed his country on multiple occasions now should be inexcusable.

    The only way things are going to get better is if we vote and remove the cancer that is the GOP from every position of power.

  8. Funny thing is no politicians actually do…while most of you folks are zoomed in on President Whoever…you miss the big picture which is that the government gives zero fucks about you…you’re an ant in a long line of ants whose life and opinions don’t matter. Some ants lives matter even less to the system…and even better is that the assholes who run the ant farm realize that it doesn’t take much to get the ants to spend most of their days fighting with each other instead of seeing they are in a big ass cage together and the only way out is to come together against the evil ant keepers.

  9. Americans are so god damn stupid it doesnt matter who the president is, however without a president this nation would just burn itself to the ground.

    Stupid people do stupid things. Fact of the matter is no, no one cares about the masses of idiots who infect each other. Short of him instilling martial law, people being fucking retarded is their own issue.

    If you need a president to wipe your ass then you are just part of the problem. Go bend over and wait.

  10. Why is everybody still blaming other people??? We all know how to stop the virus. Its us- we are the reason the virus is getting out of control. Most people refuse to wear masks, and that’s the #1 thing that prevents it. We all know what to do. Come on, do better people.

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