Liberation: A woman removes her niqab after her city is freed from Isis control

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Liberation: A woman removes her niqab after her city is freed from Isis control

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  1. Just let this be a happy moment for once guys.

    For some reason people keep seeing the hijab (the purple headscarf in the pic) as a sign of oppression even though countless women wear it because they believe in it and want to do it. It has been seen as “backwards” for so long that I know many female friends and family that are scared to wear it in their western countries because they’re afraid of the backlash. If you see hijabi women as backwards then you’re just as bad as those who see skin-showing women as sluts. You’re literally no different.

    Whenever people learn I’m a Muslim, they ask if my mom wears the hijab, as if it’s some sort of test of how ‘backwards’ we are. It pisses me off.
    My mom decided to wear the hijab well into her professional career after a bit of soul searching. Yet she got comments like “you looked prettier before” and “who forced you to wear it”. Can people not comprehend that some people do it out of free will? For people who claim to be liberal and “woke”, it is really close minded of you to assume oppression based on religious clothing.

    Edit: sorry for the rant but seeing the comments kinda made me upset.

  2. I can only image being hot, I remember I went to Mexico and saw a women wearing a hijab and covered her whole body too in black, while she was in the water. The male that was with her had on shorts only. This was at a lagoon during the summer. I do not disrespect anyone cultural belief, but that was not practical in my opinion.

  3. I remember working at an emergency room where a family of 4 walked in, a woman with a mail slit, two girls with fully covered grabs but a less concealing head covering, and finally, my favorite, the dad in a basketball jersey and shorts.

    Youd think when they came up with the insane dress code there would be at least some rules for the men too.

    Edit: I have learned quite a bit about Islamic mens dress codes in the last 30 minutes. Notably much more lax but they certainly exist. Ty for the comments.

  4. Meanwhile in Sweden we have a swedish native born woman who dresses up in burkinis so that a muslim woman could feel comfortable bathing on a public beach.

  5. Niqab should be banned honestly and this is coming from a muslim so don’t accuse me of being an islamophobe

  6. I just have to note that niqab is not mentioned in the Quran(holy book of Islam) and many Muslim people don’t recognize it as anything more than extremism so you’re not disrespecting a culture by criticizing it and people can actually get sick from the scorching heat when wearing it for an extended period of time

  7. Just to clarify, the niqab is a higher level of wearing a veil in Islam. It is no way required to wear the niqab. The requirement for women if Islam for the hijab is to not wear anything transparent, tight and to have the whole body covered with some cloth and for her hair to be covered with a scarf. Her hands and face can be revealed without any issues.

    Also to note, although hijab is one of the basic for Muslim women, it is and should not be in any way enforced on Muslim women. Islam believes that hijab should come from a woman’s conviction and not through oppression or forcibly.

    Basically Islam does not condone having fake Muslims; you should look the same way you feel inside. It is is no way beneficial for Muslims or Islam to have people who loathe teachings that have been enforced on them.

    In a nutshell, Islam requires that you take its teachings with conviction and not with force.

  8. And notice how she still has the Hijab on. One is oppression, the other is willingly following her faith.

  9. But, I though wearing niquab was about religious freedom and tradition, and *not* about oppression. Were we lied to?

  10. Being a Muslim fuck ISIS those little bastards they cant call themselves muslims if they are killing innocent ppl fuck them

  11. Could you imagine having the audacity about crying about wearing a mask over your nose and mouths in public because of a deadly global virus and there are women that have to live in fear like this 24/7?

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